How it works


For deal parties, EscrowUP works the same way our current M&A escrows do. The primary difference with EscrowUP bank deposit escrows is that SRS Acquiom will donate 16 basis points of return. 


Here's a simple scenario


Buyer agrees to purchase seller for $1B.


Buyer asks for $100M to be held in escrow for 18 months after closing to ensure seller representations and warranties are covered. Buyer and seller agree to use EscrowUP. 


After 18 months EscrowUP would have contributed up to $240,000 to the designated nonprofits. There’s no negative impact to the deal parties.


Together We Can Make a Difference

Imagine the impact if even a fraction of the estimated $250B in M&A escrows chose EscrowUP This is a chance for the M&A community to give back and pass it forward to our next generation of leaders.